SEO Marketing

Learn all about SEO, why it is important, how search engines work, how to create an SEO strategy, keyword and competitor research, information architecture, future trends in SEO and more. Our course will allow you to gain valuable knowledge on how to implement a successful SEO strategy.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how to conduct a SEO Audit
  • How to implement an effective SEO strategy
  • See how keyword and competitor research helps improve your strategy
  • Learn the difference between On and Off page SEO
  • Understand future trends in SEO

Module Overview

Module 1

SEO introduction

An introduction to all things SEO including a history of and the various types of SEO.

Module 2

The Search Engines

Understand how search engines work and how SEO as a marketing channel as evolved.

Module 3

SEO Strategy

In this module we help you understand how to build a suitable strategy based on your business goals and overall marketing aims.

Module 4

Keyword and competitor research

Learn how to conduct keyword and competitor research to understand the current SEO landscape, analyse your findings and put your results into practice.

Module 5

On Page SEO

Understand optimisation essentials including title tags, meta descriptions, image naming and Alt tags.

Module 6

Information Architecture

In this module we consider the seven commandments of internal linking and how the architecture of your site impacts your SERP ranking.

Module 7

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is as important as On Page SEO, and we’re focusing on implementing techniques such as link building, back links and content marketing in this module.

Module 8

Future Trends in SEO

What does the future hold for SEO? Join us as we consider how new algorithms and changes to content and social media marketing can impact SEO.


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