Programmatic Marketing

Evolve your marketing expertise with new knowledge on Programmatic Marketing; learn how it can directly benefit a business, whilst developing the skills and expertise needed to implement a successful programmatic marketing strategy.

In this course you will:

  • Be able to identify when contacts are likely to engage
  • Utilise Insights to tailor messages
  • Learn how to respond to real-time signals
  • Understand how to target a specific ad to single consumer
  • See how to use real time data

Module Overview

Module 1

Introduction to Programme Marketing

In the module we will introduce Programmatic Marketing include a history of, media channels, real time bidding and the pros and cons of this marketing channel.

Module 2

Developing a Programmatic Marketing Strategy

Understand how to build a programmatic strategy including analysing results, using data effectively and the key points to include within your strategy.

Module 3

The seller’s view and bid information

Learn more about the rise of programmatic premium and more about the current programmatic landscape.

Module 4

The Buyer’s view

In this module we consider whether programmatic marketing is the future. We also consider the steps to include in developing a buying strategy and the value of programmatic buying.

Module 5

1st party audience and data

Understand how to make 1st part data actionable and how to leverage insights and new and old shopping habits.

Module 6

3rd party audience and data

Watch this module to understand how to work with third party data including choosing a provider, maintaining list quality and ethical practice.

Module 7

Turning your strategy into action

Learn how to assess your strategy to continually improve your output by considering your audience, scale, live content and video ad length.

Module 8

Measuring programmatic marketing

Learn more about the key reports to optimise your programmatic marketing. We focus on the pros and cons of last vs first click attribution.

Module 9

Programmatic marketing future trends

Where will programmatic be next year, and how has it changed in the last year? Join us as we assess the future trends of this marketing channel.


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