Mobile Marketing

Understand how to optimise your marketing techniques for mobile devices and users on the move. Throughout this course, we consider how to target your audience where ever they are and whatever device they are using. We focus on mobile marketing strategies, channels, promotions tools and technology through to mobile trends, optimisation and approaches.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how to optimise customer engagement on multiple devices
  • How to evolve your communication strategy in line with a busy consumer
  • Learn more about product trends and technology
  • Understand consumer psychology and the importance of design and UX
  • See how to expand your audience reach through apps, mobile marketing and mobile search

Module Overview

Module 1

Introduction to mobile marketing

During this introductory module we consider the current mobile marketing landscape and how using mobile marketing can transform your business.

Module 2

Mobile marketing analysis and goals

Understand how consumers use their devices to determine your short and long term goals.

Module 3

Developing a customer first mobile strategy

We focus on the key consumer mobile trends, how to select the correct platform for your audience, pros and cons of mobile optimised versus native apps.

Module 4

Mobile discovery and promotion

Throughout this module we consider how consumers interact with marketing through their mobile devices including adapting your social, email and advertising for mobile devices.

Module 5

Using analytics to drive ROI

Analysing your marketing results is an important step in growing and improving your campaigns. During this module we see how to maximise conversion and why mobile enhanced customer relationships.

Module 6

Fully responsive mobile experiences

Provide a smooth customer experience by creating a layout and design that helps the customers and drives them towards your goal.

Module 7

Apps and app marketing

Understand the difference between web and native apps, the advantages of mobile websites and how to drive app conversions and social sharing.

Module 8

Mobile search and mobile advertising

In the module we cover the biggest challenges for mobile marketing, how Google updates affect SEO and how to stay ahead of the curve and your competitors.


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