Lifecycle Marketing Automation

Advance your marketing knowledge and learn how to implement effective lifecycle touchpoints ranging from strategy, objectives and approach to Lead Acquisition, Effective Lead Nurturing and implementation. You will also learn how to prepare and align your marketing and sales processes and how to report on your success.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how lifecycle marketing and automation engages consumers
  • How to implement relevant and one to one campaigns
  • See how using lead nurturing helps to funnel contacts towards conversion
  • Learn how to align marketing and sales team
  • Understand how to build effective reports and implement further learning

Module Overview

Module 1

Marketing Automation Landscape

In this introductory module we take a look over the current marketing automation landscape including how it can help you and current brands using automation.

Module 2

Lifecycle Marketing

Here we focus on how and why lifecycle marketing helps to increase consumer engagement.

Module 3

Laying the foundations

Before we can build an automated flow, we must first understand our audience, and this module explains how to do just that.

Module 4

Strategy, objectives and approach

Throughout this module we consider what messaging strategy to use and choosing the perfect automation supplier.

Module 5

Lead acquisition

Now that we understand the marketing funnel, we need to gather new leads to push them through our conversion process. In this module we focus on acquiring new leads.

Module 6

Lead nurturing and implementation practices

Here we focus on key trigger and conversion points throughout the consumer’s lifecycle to drive conversions. Testing emails, landing pages and call to actions also features in this module.

Module 7

Preparing and aligning marketing and sales

Understand why it is so important to align your marketing and sales team and how to overcome any internal objectives.

Module 8

Reporting on your success

Understand the key activity, response, value and efficiency metrics to focus on to optimise and improve your lifecycle funnel.


This course is designed to take our students from beginners to advanced learners – so it’s open to everyone no matter your previous understanding, however having an understanding of marketing automation would be a bonus.

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