Google Analytics

Develop new skills and knowledge on Google Analytics including strategy, channels, promotions, technology, trends and approach. You will learn how to optimise your digital marketing activity by analysing and optimising your strategies using insights gained from Google Analytics. Uncover techniques and tools to improve your Digital Marketing Strategy.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to uncover audience behaviours and products trends
  • See how to use reports to strengthen your marketing strategy
  • Understand how to leverage relevance and effective targeting
  • Be able to evolve your customer experience
  • Learn Google Analytics top reports and best practices

Module Overview

Module 1

Introduction to Analytics

In this module we introduce Google Analytics and the key tools and techniques to set up an account ready to track your site visitors.

Module 2

Google Analytics Reports

Understand the Google Analytics dashboard and how to find your way around the reports.

Module 3

Google Analytics Insights

We explain how using Google Analytics Insight tools allows you to build effective reports on topics including content marketing, SEO and user experience.

Module 4

Advanced Configuration

For those looking to become more advanced, this module is designed to help you set up funnels, filters, goals and to create a custom dashboard and automated reporting.

Module 5

Testing and Optimising Using Google Analytics Insights

Understand how to run effective tests and learn from your insights within your Google Analytics account.

Module 6

Google Tag Manager

Learn more about using Google Tag Manager including setting up tags, triggers and variables.


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