Digital Marketing Regulation & Best Practice

Learn all you need to know about Digital Marketing regulations. Throughout this course, you will learn about the codes, regulations and legislation that apply to digital marketing in the UK, as well as best practices for each of the main digital marketing channels and insight into consumer behaviour.

In this course you will:

  • Understand key digital marketing rules and regulations
  • Learn about the legalities of SEO, PPC and social media
  • See how the Data Protection Act and GDPR affects marketers
  • Understand more about management your data legally
  • Learn more about regulations applied to each marketing channel

Module Overview

Module 1

The digital customer

In the introductory module we focus on understanding your businesses audience before we can focus on how specific laws will apply to them.

Module 2

Introduction and background to digital marketing legislation

Understand how and why digital marketing legislation exists and how it aims to protect both the consumer and the business.

Module 3

Permission based marketing

In this module we focus on how to use consumer’s permissions and how to apply these rules within different marketing channels.

Module 4


Understand how to remain compliant in line with CAP and ASA regulations and how these codes of practice affect your marketing output.

Module 5

Legalities of organic search

Throughout this module we focus on the laws and best practices surrounding organic search including information on the database of intentions, intellectual property laws and cookie statements.

Module 6

Communication strategy

There are many ways to use email campaigns to communicate with your contacts. We’ll focus on automation, behavioural triggers, transactional emails and split testing.

Module 7

Legalities of paid search

Learn how ads work, their best practices, how data and privacy should be managed and the ‘right to be forgotten’.

Module 8

Contacts and getting your emails seen

Here we look at how to ensure your email campaigns are delivered successfully how to improve sending reputation and what types of platforms you can use to send campaigns.

Module 9

Social media

Understand how to leverage the power of the social web, how the increase in social media has impacted customer service enquiries and how data acquired from social networks should be handled.

Module 10

Digital PR

Learn more about the shift towards digital for the PR industry, channels involved and how to measure the success of digital PR.

Module 11

Content Marketing

During this module we consider legalities surrounding content marketing including copyright, usage of media, terms of use and violating the CAN-SPAM Act

Module 11

The legal and regulatory implications of digital

Finally, we will consider the ethical approaches of digital marketing, how technology affects ethical decisions and how privacy is affecting marketers and consumers.


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