Digital Marketing Course

Develop your Digital Marketing knowledge starting with strategy, channels and promotions through to technology, trends and approach. Evolve and grow your marketing by utilising and understanding the digital channels and platforms that will promote your business through social media, email marketing, paid marketing and mobile marketing.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to integrate multiple digital marketing practices
  • See how to implement Digital Display Marketing
  • Understand more about the key social marketing channels
  • Learn why email marketing is still relevant to your audience
  • Key techniques for SEO and PPC implementation

Module Overview

Module 1

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Understand how the customer journey and purchasing funnel impacts your digital marketing output and how to design content suitable for the customer stages.

Module 2

Email Marketing

See why email marketing and automation is a serious marketing priority, how to introduce good email list hygiene and why an email address gives you a single customer view.

Module 3

Measuring success

Learn how to measure the success of your email campaigns including the halo effect and how nudge theory impacts your campaign results.

Module 4

Content Marketing

We break down the key stages of the marketing funnel and understand more about content types, outbound and inbound marketing and how to distribute your content.

Module 5

Social Media

In this module we delve into the top four social media channels, their pros and cons and the perfect strategy for each space. Understand more about viral marketing and the impact of a great campaign.

Module 6

SEO Marketing

Understand the 3 key types of SEO including white hat, black hat and grey hat. Learn more about keywords, link building and why all businesses need to focus on SEO techniques.

Module 7

PPC Marketing

Learn more about Pay Per Click marketing, how it works and the benefits of running advertisements. Understand Google AdWords and how search engines display your ads.

Module 8

Digital Display Marketing

See how the Google Display Network showcases your retargeting ads and banners to relevant individuals and why this tried and tested technique is still important.

Module 9

Mobile Marketing & Video Marketing

Learn more about using mobile apps and video marketing to share your brands message across multiple devices and platforms. Understand key benefits and key marketing channels.


Anyone looking to gain an overview of the multitude of Digital Marketing platforms and techniques.

No! Our courses are available to anyone, no matter your experience, current place of work or future goals.

This course is completely free. If you enjoy it and would like to learn more you can sign up for just £20 per month to access our other courses to continue learning in more detail.

This course takes around 5 hours in total.

Just a device with access to the internet. Our courses are video based and can be viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop.