Upskill, Support and Build Knowledge to grow your Team

68% of employees say training and development is the most important workplace policy.

That’s how we can help. With our Business Services, we can help you to:

  • Implement bespoke training solutions to benchmark staff.
  • Assess and analyse employee success through monthly insights and in depth reports.
  • Bridge the knowledge gaps within your marketing teams to understand where additional training and support is required.

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Filling the Skills Gap

Companies are finding it increasingly more difficult to attract, hire and retain the top digital marketing talent.

70% of employee retention risks surround individuals leaving to advance their careers.

Offering professional development to your marketing teams not only helps you to retain staff. When employees feel valued, morale and motivation levels rise, resulting in performance improvements.

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Bespoke Digital Training for Businesses


Step 1 - Skills Assessment

Find out how your brand could benefit from MyMarketology in minutes, simply complete our performance analysis survey to identify absent skills and knowledge gaps within your business.


Step 2 - Training Analysis

Our senior consultants will perform analysis’ of your team, work, employees, performance and content, providing a transparent view of the businesses strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to develop a training program suited to your specific requirements.


Step 3 – Custom Design

Our specialist will design a bespoke training program that suits your learning preferences, holding your company’s objectives at its core and providing a manageable structure to measure each success.


Step 4 – 360 Feedback

Throughout each step, we aim to work in partnership to ensure each development meets the expectations of your business. We understand that businesses change and evolve, therefore our custom training will always remain flexible to ensure we can grow with you.


Step 5 – Consultancy & Support

With a dedicated account manager, you have the freedom to ask questions and grow your business with technical and strategic support on hand. We will work with you to enhance the experience of your learning and provide support in the implementation of your new knowledge.


Step 6 – Reporting & Analytics

Explore user activity, learning hours, performance and behavioural changes, user successes and more. Monthly insights not only allow you to review activities but present the opportunity to develop custom training further, manage user productivity and uncover and reward inhouse talents.

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How to get started

Simply download our information pack to learn more or contact our team to allow us to understand the current knowledge gaps in your business.

Our team will get in touch regarding your requirements as soon as possible.

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