The Journey Begins to 100,000 Active Marketing Users

Andrew Hardman

Andrew Hardman is the MD & founder of MyMarketology (providing online marketing courses for digital marketeers) and loves to solve business problems and bike.

Digital Marketing has been crucial to all of the businesses I have been involved in. The power and effectiveness of the digital world and how it has transformed the way we communicate with each other is now integral for businesses to adopt. My other businesses have always used Digital Marketing to help sell a product or service. Now with MyMarketology I wanted to work with a team that can help others looking to use or already using digital marketing to understand how you use theory in the real world. This is something I have always had my ups and downs with and I feel sharing our journey on how we will use it in this business would be invaluable to others.

Starting a business is hard work, really hard work, as most business owners know. There are the amazing highs and the terrible lows. This blog has been created to show that even with all the knowledge and expertise we have here at MyMarketology on knowing the theory, strategies and tools to use to market a business even we will fall, trip and collapse. We are looking to share the lessons that we learn along the way so that hopefully you too don’t feel stuck, lost or alone with these problems. Whether you are a graduate looking to start your first digital marketing job, a CEO of a business looking to expand, or the Head of Marketing at a global business looking for inspiration on the latest brand initiative we are hoping you will be able to take some of the lessons we learn along the way and apply it to your circumstance.

“Success is best when it’s shared.”
Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO, Starbucks

We are going to be sharing everything openly along our way to getting 100,000 active members of our online digital marketing classes. From our development of systems and classes, how we use digital marketing to drive brand engagement and sales, through to hiring a strong team that supports the brand in all areas of the business, fundraising and much more. Our aim is that by doing this you will be able to see how digital marketing is invaluable in every job and circumstance and see theories and textbook knowledge turned into real world use to achieve a set aim.

There are tons of resources out there looking at digital marketing, business growth, analysis on tools and guides, but I believe that through this blog you can, at the very least, join us on this exciting process of building and creating a brand. We have been inspired by multiple blogs over the years and I am hoping this will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Why Digital Marketing and Online Lessons?

Great question. Yes there are a large number of sites out there providing marketing courses and training assets either in the classroom or online, so why is MyMarketology different in such a competitive marketplace?

Well this question leads us back to the beginning and why we started to form the business in October 2016. Wired Marketing is one of my other businesses. It provides an enterprise level email marketing system and has been a massive challenge over its 8 years of existence to grow and stand out in a very competitive marketplace.

One of the areas we have always tried to stand out in is support and advice to marketing professionals looking to use email marketing as part of their strategy. Numerous times we get asked by clients questions on their strategy once they have signed out from the platform: “I have got all the technology I need to make great automation and email campaigns, but where do I start?”

This wasn’t just start-ups or SME’s but also corporates and government institutes. There seemed to be a mismatch between theory (“ok I understand I need to do email”), actually where to start, (“how do I even plan this campaign that is specific to my product launch, brand nurture or contact engagement?”) and trying to convert theory into practice – “how do I use the tools I have to get the results I need or have been set?” This was always a sticking point for all types of clients.

This got us thinking. How do we change the model of education that stems from schools and universities through to CPD training schools and consultancies? How can we help the marketing professionals or business owners convert the vast amount of knowledge out in the marketplace on digital marketing into a microcosm of their world and practically how this will help them at this point in time?

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
Sir Richard Branson. Founder, Virgin Group

We began with Wired Training which was intended to be small classroom sizes with an expert tutor who could help each attendee on a personal level to take them through the difficulties and requirements they had on a niche topic, like email marketing. It worked well and feedback was fantastic thanks to the content and our Tutor Anthony really breaking down advanced topics into bitesize pieces. But there was a problem. The business model. The costs involved to get Tony to travel the country, book ‘good’ meeting venues but keep the classes small to support learning wasn’t as scalable as I hoped and also in the busy world marketers live in, it wasn’t economical for them to travel for a whole day and consider the additional cost involved of doing so for the business. So we sat down and put our thinking caps on.

MyMarketology was formed: a flexible online learning platform just for digital marketing that gave a place for digital marketers or wannabe digital marketers to learn the most up to date knowledge and strategies in their own time in bite size chunks, backed up by real world resources that can be used on their specific projects and online expert seminars and webinars to answer questions in real time.

Why 100,000 users as a target?

There are a lot of blogs out there that have inspired me like Neil Patel’s – “Teach me how to get 100,000 visitors” through to one of my favourites Alex Turnbull’s GrooveHQ – “A startup journey to $100,000 a month in revenue”. 100,000 users feels like a massive number compared to where we are now. It’s a great goal, an achievement that we can hopefully look back on and go “wow we have achieved this”. Because it is such a large goal as well it will put all our marketing knowledge we think we have to the test and will show the areas we don’t actually know as well – hopefully replicating the issues every marketer and business owner will face at some stage in their career.

Where do we start this journey?

Well we are starting at the beginning – 0 users! Over the last couple of months we have spent a huge number of hours collating our knowledge into bitesize courses and building our platform for people to be able to view the courses and collaborate with us in the seminars and webinars we will be launching. It’s been stressful and hard work, but exciting at the same time creating something new and fresh.

What’s the Plan then?

We are going to be writing weekly posts on our progress and journey to 100,000 active members in the MyMarketology platform. We would be delighted if you can join us on this journey and share in our experiences.

Simply sign-up to a mailing list to get notified of our next blog post and please contribute to the comments below to let us know what your experiences are personally and your thoughts, as inevitably it will help others and ourselves.

See you next week!

Join us on our journey of "how" & "why" we successfully implement Digital Marketing Theory into practice & drive 100,000 users to our courses.

Andrew Hardman
Andrew Hardman is the MD & founder of MyMarketology (providing online marketing courses for digital marketeers) and loves to solve business problems and bike.

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