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Andrew Hardman

Andrew Hardman is the MD & founder of MyMarketology (providing online marketing courses for digital marketeers) and loves to solve business problems and bike.

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post and what a few weeks we’ve had. I hope you’ll forgive the radio silence as it’s all been for positive reasons.

One of the key aims of MyMarketology was to provide a resource that our users could access to improve and grow their careers. We wanted to offer a solution that not only provided skills but that users could use on their CV, or to improve upon their current studies.

With this in mind we’re happy to say all of the courses on MyMarketology are now fully CPD certified! This means our users can now count the number of hours it takes to complete a course, and put this towards completion of a certification.

Introducing events into our marketing plan

We have also been discussing recently about launching events and have been considering how these will fit into our marketing strategy. As we talked about in the Difficulties of Launching a Brand post, we want to use local and national PR to increase our brand awareness and gather more users.

As I’m sure you’ll know yourself, events can run smoothly where the attendees are engaged, interact with the discussions and leave feeling motivated. And then there are events where the only order is disorder and there’s no structure to the day.

With our events for MyMarketology, we’ve been talking about where these should be held, how we will invite our audience, and more importantly what the event will cover – it needs to be enticing enough for users to attend and then feel positively associated with the brand. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Our marketing approach

In our experience, we have found events to be useful in generating ‘buzz’ about a brand, whilst building relationships with local people and showcasing the products.

Leading up the event itself, we will be using the following channels to drive attendance:

Email marketing – we’ll contact our users and customers at least two months before the event, and will also include behavioural messages, for example if they click on an invite but do not register their place to drive further responses.

Social advertising – we also plan on running adverts through Facebook and LinkedIn as we are able to precisely target the audience we understand to have an interest in the MyMarketology platform. We will launch our adverts around 6 weeks before the event so that we can test the content and imagery and optimise our campaigns as much as possible.

Organic social sharing and our website – we’re always looking to build up the number of social followers we have and organic site visitors. We’ll share our invites on our blog, within our weekly MyMarketology Labs videos, and through our daily updates on social channels.

Partner channels – we also want to build up a channel partner referral scheme. As you can see here on our business pages, we also provide in depth training solutions to businesses and by creating a partnership we are going to target these businesses to encourage the users to attend the event.

Topics covered on the day

Without insightful conversation, our events will not drive a positive reaction from the audience, and so providing valuable content is one of our top priorities.

We are still working on the exact content for the day, but one thing is for certain, we always love to hear our users feedback about what we can do to make their lives easier.

As part of our email automation program we will be surveying registrants to understand what they want from the day, and how we help to provide a solution to their problem. This could be anything from issues with current marketing platforms to optimising their current strategy.

We’ll also publish any questions and answers on our Marketology Labs blog to share the knowledge with our wider audience.

What do you want from an event?

We’re running events for our users, and it would be great to hear if our readers had any feedback on what they would like from events.

Let us know by leaving a comment below. What burning questions can we answer for you, and what makes up a perfect business event for you?

Andrew Hardman
Andrew Hardman is the MD & founder of MyMarketology (providing online marketing courses for digital marketeers) and loves to solve business problems and bike.

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