Advanced Email Marketing

Evolve your email marketing expertise as we focus on segmentation, dynamic content, strategic multi-channel marcomms and strategy proofing. Prepare yourself for the future with new skills including on and off site acquisition techniques, list hygiene, personalisation, automation and the latest and greatest techniques to optimise customer engagement.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how to implement an email marketing strategy
  • How to measure the success of your marketing
  • Why relevancy is key to consumers
  • How to engage contacts through content and design
  • Ongoing future trends within email marketing

Module Overview

Module 1

Email Marketing introduction

Understand the history of email marketing and why it continues to be a strong marketing channel.

Module 2

Goals and strategy

Build a marketing strategy using SMART objectives and understand how the four P’s of email can help.

Module 3

Measuring success

Learn how to measure the success of your email campaigns including the halo effect and how nudge theory impacts your campaign results.

Module 4

The power of relevancy

In this module we focus on why personalisation is important to engage and retain your audience, how to use lifecycle touchpoints and the power of mobile.

Module 5

Data management

It’s all in the list. Understand why list hygiene is so important, how to analyse the quality of your database and how to follow the current marketing and data laws.

Module 6

Communication strategy

There are many ways to use email campaigns to communicate with your contacts. We’ll focus on automation, behavioural triggers, transactional emails and split testing.

Module 7

Understanding email

During this module we consider how users read or view their emails, what design fundamentals we should include and how to write persuasive copy.

Module 8

Contacts and getting your emails seen

Here we look at how to ensure your email campaigns are delivered successfully how to improve sending reputation and what types of platforms you can use to send campaigns.

Module 9

Future trends

Let’s look to the future. In this module we discuss future trends and prediction for email marketing in the next few years, and consider the in-house versus outsourced approach to email.


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